Sunday, July 3, 2011

Albuquerque Temple and Goodbyes


On Sunday we took a trip to the L.D.S. Temple after church. If it looks familiar to you, I have a huge picture of it on my fireplace mantle.


The sun was high in the sky, so it was looking like light coming out of the steeple.



Sophia loved the flowers- of course.


I hadn’t been able to get a shot of all of us together all week long, so I figured now was a perfect time. So we used a timer.


And ended up with a trendy foreground shot. And I didn’t realize I’d taken off my shoes! Then I couldn’t find them- Natalie had hid them behind the planters. Thanks lil’ lady.

I tried to get some better shots- but only ended up changing the camera angle to end up with worse ones. So I guess first one is the best!


We don’t need legs right? John doesn’t need his forehead, right?


I can’t remember what happened to Natalie, but I’m thinking she hurt her head. And that’s our cue to exit…


The back view of the temple. I was so glad to go with John during the week, and then come back again with our kids.


So here’s some more random pics that didn’t fit in anywhere else, I took time out of my busy schedule of watching Bravo and Food Network on hotel cable to take these:

How to entertain babies in hotel rooms- make a game out of knocking things off the bedside table. And pretend to call people endlessly on an unplugged phone.


Let them crawl in and out and in and out of the sink cupboards. They’ll soon how to get inside and close it on themselves (can you see Leo in the pic below?





Lucky for us they had pots and pans- aka Leo’s normal toys at home.


The girls went to picking more flowers while we ate leftover cake and breakfast burritos on Sunday.


My Dad, Judy and my brother (and my cousin’s hip). Saying goodbye was sad as always- why don’t we live in the same place again?

Hooray for vacations!

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