Sunday, July 3, 2011

Day 4- Flea Market and 50th Anniversary Party


My sister Carrie REALLY REALLY REALLY wanted to go to the Flea Market at the Fairgrounds. My mom remembers going here with my grandma when I was a kid, so I guess as a family we like to peruse other people’s treasures- aka junk.

My favorite booths were the beading booths. Wholesale prices. I was like a kid in the candy store.


I love flea markets because you get a taste for the local flavor- in Northern Indiana it’s Amish people, in New Mexico is Latino fashions.




And bags of chili powder and dry chilies by the 5 lb bag. Which reminds me of that one time, that my dad bought 20 lbs of oregano dried in Albuquerque, and it busted in the back seat of the van driving home to Maryland. So my parents tried to save some and re bag it  while we were in the hotel. It got everywhere in the bathroom. Pretty sure the cleaning ladies thought we were bagging some other leafy green herb…


John scored this awesome field hat for a whole dollar (he loves to splurge, I’m telling ya)


But at the flea market, you gotta watch out, who knows who’s gonna wrestle you for some chips.


(Notice my brother shielding his eyes in the back seat. Guess you’re still ashamed of us, eh Benny boy?)

After the flea market, we drove back to the hotel and hung out.


I just loved watching the soap operas while I was in New Mexico. They’re hilarious.



The girls spent half the afternoon sorting and resorting the beads I bought.

Ok, so onto the PAR-TAY! My aunt and uncle are celebrating 50 years. Every big party of theirs involves a tent. Always a tent.


We were all dressed up- Sophia and Natalie in pink, and my parents convinced Ben to wear Hilfiger and fancy pants. Here he is double fisting a beer, getting ready to socialize. He does it better with some beer in him (what? it’s true!)


My girls loved picking flowers at Aunt Judy’s all week, so it was only natural to pose in their dresses with fresh picked daisies (their wedding flowers)


Raegen, my cousin’s daughter. So my second cousin?


The best shot I got of the three.


My mom and John, hanging out.



Finger foods. Mmmm. 6 different kinds of cheese, huge breadsticks as big as my forearm, that’s my kind of party.


My cute sister and my Dad. They took pictures all night for my Aunt, hence the huge camera.


My girls loved drinking soda out of the “fancy” cups. I think I see a Fancy Nancy party in our future.


Here we are at our table. Each table had a story about my aunt and uncle, ours was the “Burning Bread” table- my aunt is notorious for burning the bread, even though everything else out of her kitchen is gourmet and delicious.


Case in point- the two cakes, Aunt Judy made both these cakes, fondant from scratch, sugar paste flowers from scratch and hand painted. If you’ve ever wondered why I make everything myself and think I can duplicate it all at home- I’m thinking it’s genetic.


Each table’s centerpiece also featured a different handmade sugar clay flower. All made by Judy. Amazing.


There was a movie of all their family pictures, along with my Aunt’s wedding dress on display.


Their backyard features a waterfall- a place of pure amazement to me as a child. I caught the girls and Carrie gazing into the pond.


There was dancing and a live band- good  thing they invited the neighbors!

We ate cake, danced a little, spent a lot of time keeping Leo during quiet during toasts and speeches, and finally got home to the hotel- really late, but it was worth it. I wish I had more pictures of the guests of honor and my cousins, but I’ve never been good at interrupting conversations and putting my camera in someone’s face. Good thing my Dad took care of that. Smile

Hooray for 50 years! Congratulations Aunt Judy and Uncle Curtis!They are a great example to me of love and patience and laughter and fun. Here’s to 50 more!

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