Friday, July 1, 2011

Day 3- Albuquerque Balloon Museum

If you read Day 1, and you think you’ve missed Day 2, you’re not going crazy. That day I took pics on my Dad’s camera, so they’ll be posted in 2 weeks when I get the cd from him.

On Friday we went by the Balloon Museum. Most people think of the Balloon Fiesta when they think of Albuquerque. I have never gone, this museum was the closest thing to it.


The Museum goes through the history of man made flight, starting with different kinds of gases and materials and shapes.




The flights that were predecessors to Rockets were hot air balloons. They were even used in combat during the first world war.



The back of the museum had some life sized balloons- the ones that Steve Fossett used to fly around the world was 22 stories high (not the one pictured below)


I loved this little hot air balloon models.

In the second part of the museum you can try out a simulator and pull the cords to make the air hotter, or open the fan to descend.


There were little stations to talk about principles of lift, fabrics used by balloons, construction, how to weave a gondola, and the pressure put on the fabric by the gas.


Carrie trying out the simulator. I wish I could say we rode in a balloon….but we’re not the Bachelor. Next vacation, next vacation.

After a grueling day of science absorption, we went to the pool.


Carrie lovingly took some pics of me and my baby boy.


And we ended the day with some s’mores at my Aunt and Uncle’s house. With S’more marshmallows- super thin. Perfect for s’mores.


Hooray for Balloons and S’mores!

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