Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Fun around these parts


We recently went to the town celebration at the library. John made the bell ring, Natalie caught some coupons, we dressed up in silly props, and caught some candy from the bucket truck.




I took some pics of our YW during Mutual, and before hand tried out some poses on Natalie. She’s always willing to smile (or make funny faces, or hug a tree) for the camera.



Leo’s got a bucket on his head…

Natalie was taking pictures with my camera yesterday. It was on rapid mode, so she took about 200 in about 20 minutes. Pictures of all kinds of exciting things, like the bathroom and a magnadoodle, and pictures of princesses on her walls. Here’s our 4:05 happenings yesterday, from Natalie’s perspective:



Hooray for Stylish and fashionista bus stops!

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