Thursday, May 10, 2012

Go Dog Go! Party


Leo is a huge fan of this book, so it was a natural choice for a party.

The first step was an invitation…



go dog go invitation

We printed and folded up into a book (I split these up to print on a paper double sided, but you can rotate the top 180 degrees to print on one side and fold)

We made some decorations. I scanned in pics of the book to make a wall decoration. Blue wrapping paper from the dollar store, and some glue….



It hung on the walls in the dining area.



I used the tree from Candyland party for a DOG party tree.


For party items, I downloaded a Scholastic  Party Kit –it included tags for doggy bags, hats, and more….



The kids party bags had a dollar store jeep or matchbox car, and a stop and go little sign to play games with her cars.  We had party hats and blowers to play with too.




I also made a Go Dog Go sign with Sophia, so we could all be in the book.

When the kids arrived we played outside, they fought over cars, and played with shaving cream and cars. They loved getting the cars clean in water after getting it messy.




I also had plans to read the book, play Stop and Go with cars, give our cars a wash with sponge balls, and race cars on wrapping paper tubes, but they were playing so well we didn’t. I try not to impose the games on the kids if they’re not complaining. There are so many things you can do though- decorate hats, have different races (on skateboards, bikes, hopping, etc), and so many transportation games from preschool lesson plans. I tried to keep it fitting to the 2 year old guest list.



For lunch we had salad and fruit, and some chocolate covered granola bars. I saw a post where mini candy bars became cars with the help of teddy grahams and mm’s. It worked out pretty well, but many of my homemade granola bars fell apart in the dipping. So they were totaled cars. Still tasted good though. Another cute idea was to take apple slices and grapes into cars, but I didn’t have any lemon juice, so I couldn’t make them this morning before everyone arrived, without them browning. Oh well, I’m sure there will be more transportation parties in the future.




For the cake I made banana chocolate cupcakes, then frosted with green frosting and green tinted coconut. The scanned pictures of the book were scaled down to fit on toothpicks. I thought it came out pretty cute.




Leo did his best dog impression in front of everyone after enjoying his cupcake.



And he played with his new toys for a solid 2 hours before taking a nap this afternoon. (Zhiu pets are super exciting to a 2 year old, just so you know)


Our rainy day plan for the party was to play with his new train set. After getting these two sets for 1/3 of the market price at the local second hand shop, I am so in love with kids consignment stores.



We were so happy to have our friends come and play. Hooray for good books like Go Dog Go!

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