Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Z is for Zoo and Zebras

Today we did the letter ZZZZZ…..Which was appropriate because I am TIRED!  But we didn’t take a nap, we learned about zoos instead.


First we did some activities from some online zoo packet.

We matched letters to beginning sounds.

Zoo packet by Oopsey Daisy

Zoo packet by 2 teaching Mommies


We read some books about zoo animals- like Polar Bear Polar Bear, What do you Hear? Then we watched it on youtube:



We also made a mini zoo for our animal crackers:



And rolled an animal dice and graphed our results.



When we got flamingos we yelled “OH YEAH”


And when we were feeling out of sorts, we kind of went nuts. Natalie needed some alone time today, like all of preschool.

We also made some Zebra bread aka Marbled Chocolate Banana Bread




Mini loaves and muffins.

I wished we had been a little faster and had time to take a zoo out of your stuffed animals, feed and pretend to take care of them.

Hooray for the letter Z!

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