Saturday, January 24, 2009

Extreme Home Fitness: P90X!

We're almost done Phase 1 of P90 X.

What's that you say? You've never heard of it?
It's a 13 dvd set of hour long workouts, with different schedules to meet different fitness needs.

It's extreme home fitness- meaning not for a beginner, and someone in good health.
The program is in three phases, each a month long.You do three weeks of muscle/cardio workouts, then one week "rest" of easier workouts (yoga, stretch, etc).

Each month is successively harder and introduces new workouts, which confuses your muscles and keeps you from plateauing.

Things I've liked about it so far:
1. Big commitment of an hour every day/6 days a week. Sometimes bigger challenges are easier to buck up to than dinky ones. At least for competitive people like me.

2. Tony is good at explaining form and what is important for most exercises

3. Fast pace and lots of moves- so a bit overwhelming at first, but not totally boring when you've done it more than a few times

4. There is a time bar at the bottom, and you can mute it and see the name of each move as it comes up

5. I've become way more flexible since starting the program (I can touch my toes with my legs together!). And I can say that Kenpo, the martial arts movie will help me in the future, either in real life or while doing my street fighter 2 impersonations. (what john likes to do during the movies.

6. Good for men and women- John and I have been doing it together. One of the program schedules, "Doubles" has more muscle building workouts, and appears to fit mor of men's needs- more chest and back.

7. Ab workout is one of the best I've seen, as far as crunch workouts go.

Things that make it less than perfect:
1. You need weights, resistance bands or chinup bar to get best results

2. Tony can be quite annoying with his jokes/commentary after a few viewings. Now I just watch American Idol/random tv as I do it.

3. It is a big time commitment, sometimes I'd like to just do 2 hours every other day.


Carrie said...

we have a lot of neighbors doing that too. i've always wanted to do it but can't get brad on board. did you take your before pics? i'm excited to see the results!

John and Jacki said...

Yeah so that would have been a good idea. I'm hoping I won't have to finish it (wink wink). Plus my diet hasn't changed, which makes for less dramatic results. I will post "after" results if I do all three months.

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