Friday, January 16, 2009

January 2008-June 2008

_____ Pictures in these files are Missing- SORRY! ______

June 19

So here's how it started Geez John it's so hot, maybe we should cut their hair. I can cut it. I'll cut it all off.Uh, no. So then I find myself at Sally beauty supply, buying haircutting scissors, getting ready to see my girls with less bangs in the eyes or hair everywhere. That night, I cut their hair. Natalie gets a trim, about 1/2 an inch off the bottom, to even it out, and a cut of the bangs. No big deal. Then I came to sophia. Hair is wet. I comb it out, cut at chin level. DID YOU KNOW, THAT HAIR BOUNCES UP AND DRIES SHORTER? Well it does. Thus we came to this.

Cute, pretty good for my first cut. But way shorter than I originally intended. But I'm glad she's such a cutie that even a mohawk would look sooo good. And now her hair has so much movement. And it is so shiny, so not snarly. Sucess!

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May 28

Quote of the day:Dad, Mom's like Cinderella. Oh yeah?Yeah, she has to clean up after everyone. And her hair is the same.

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May 20
The inevitable happened. Someone tagged me. Camille specifically. At least I think she was referring to me.5 fun or interesting things about myself:1.I'm a year overdue for an eyebrow wax. 2. I love everything about traveling. Finding the spots, restaurants, looking at hotel reviews. Waiting for my plane, people watching, wasting money on eating out, taking a ton of random pictures. Everything about it. 3. My top internet viewed sites: Pandora (radio), Wikipedia to look up random stuff,, the endless pursuit of perfect weather4. I have no desires/lusts/affinity for shoes. Most are ugly to me. Some I can stand. I'm long overdue to buy more too. 5. I'm watching American Idol on DVR right now. And I can't decide. But I just might vote. Maybe. -Jacki
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May 16
Photo Contest
So I'm going to enter some photos in a photo contest for the Washington D.C. Temple's Visitor Center photo contest. I had some pictures in my files that are contest worthy, plus I took some today at the local VT duck pond. Any comments?

Across the bridge

Mamma Duck watches over

Making ripples in the pond

Looking out in color or b/w

John's grandparent's first home, Nephi, Ut

An old wagon, retired.

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May 13
MiniVacation! Woohoo1
Day 1- Dinosaur Land

On Friday we embarked on a 4 day vacation to D.C. First stop: Dinosaur Land in Winchester, VA. We had a great time, it was priceless seeing Sophia and Natalie so excited for the huge dinosaurs. Nothing like a forest of huge forty year old plaster dinosaurs, with moss and decaying paint. And the gift shop's aisles and aisles of typical road side tourist trapings was a new experience for the girls. I relished the 20 dollar tshirts with airbrushed cats on them and handmade glass rainbow dophins music boxes. Love it.

There was a shark.

But Natalie wasn't scared. She liked it's teeth.

And we found some raptors. And the raptor within.

And Super mario brother's Nemesis, Bowser.

We found some cuddly dinosaurs.

And a Tyrannosaurus with too little arms getting the snot kicked out of him.

And King Kong tried to take me away, but luckily his out or porportion arms weighed him down.

After Dinosaur Land we drove to my parent’s house (with a brief detour to Hagerstown outlets).
There were some smiles like this. And lots of yelling like this for attention.

But we made it in on piece, just in time for dinner.
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Mini Vacate Day 2: Downtown D.C.

John and I left early in the morning to spend the day around D.C.

First stop: Operation Spy at the International Spy Museum
We went on an “interactive” exhibit, where we were spies trying to complete a mission in a new land. We unscrambled phone calls, used security cameras, searched rooms and tried to crack the code on a safe. Little bit cheesy at times. We had great fun towards the end because we could tell the spy “leader” that works for the museum didn’t like the way we were participating. Three out of five stars. I’d recommend the mini-activity in addition to normal admission if you’re a 14 year old boy who enjoys role play and willing to pretend and get into it.

Then we went through the spy museum. You see spy tools and innovations, then spying through history and exhibits that focus more in depth for world war I and II and the cold war. I thought it was a great museum, everything was intriguing and had the right level of depth of information, with cool props and pieces to give an authentic feel to all this information.. I don't know what I'm talking about, How do you rate museums? I liked it. I wish we had done more of the computer stations with spy task, I was too lazy to use my brain and do something challenging.

After the spy musem, we strolled around D.C. to the mall, then the Capital gardens. As usual, we dismissed walking all the way to the Washington Monument. But then walked twice that distance around the mall and trying to find a metro station. We were totally fumbling tourists with our maps and my camera pointed all things artistic.

Like these cool Asian style lanterns, all around the gardens. Or this little seating area and fountain in the garden.

I had a lot of fun walking around the town without any thought of the following- Diapers, water, sunscreen, naps, cookie crumbs, sippy cups, stroller straps, blankets and all other things baby related. Now that’s peace, being alone with your husband, a backpack, two maps, and a water bottle. Sweet peace of mind.
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Day 2 Part 2: Temple and Hotel

So we checked into our hotel, the Hyatt Summerfield Suites in Gaithersburg. Now before you go thinking we’re fancy pants, it was the cheaper hotel in the area. And it was one of those nice hotel rooms with a couch and kitchen and king sized bed. And they had a sweet breakfast, complete with Starbucks. Yes, that’s right, I’m a Starbucks Poser. I had the hot cocoa, and was posing with the cup. And to make it all even better, we had to sign a NO PARTY policy upon checkin. That's the kind of hotel I like.

The last stop on our Anniversary extravaganza was the D.C. L.D.S Temple. We were honored to have President Schulz there officiating the sealings.

Here's a shot of us, that originally had our bodies in a shadow. So I played with it in Picasa, adjusted the overall light, and a gradual tint, and tada! Extreme shadows on the temple and a technicolor sky. Hooray for picture tools! Don't we look like we're in an artist's rendering of a future Temple? or a Comic book version of the Temple? Or standing in fro

May 13
Sunday and Monday
So on Sunday we drove home in the morning. I gave my mom her mother’s day present, a container of Lavender Sugar. What’s that? It’s sugar and dried lavender, mixed together. The lavender scents the sugar, and when you use it in tea or cookies, it has a slight lavender flavor. Cute right? I thought so. My mom loves her tea in the wintertime.
This is what the girls made for me (with my mom's help). The flowers are their handprints, if you can't tell.

For John’s mom, we made some tissue paper flowers. I then filmed Sophia and Natalie talking about Grandma, what she’ll do when she opens the package, etc. I made a DVD with that footage, recent home movies since they’ve visited, and a photo slideshow of their flower picking afternoon a few weeks ago. I mailed it to their house, just in time for them to see it on Saturday, with John’s siblings that were in town for mother’s day. I think that might be a mother’s day tradition. We’ll see if I can keep it up.

Also worth mentioning, Sophia tripped and fell onto a bed frame and got this cut and semi-bruised eye.
On Monday we drove home and did nothing special, just stopped for lunch at a dinky mall food court and unloaded our stuff. Sophia spent half the car ride like this, listening to John and I's conversation.

This morning I went to upload our pictures and all my pictures from this weekend. GONE. Oh man. I almost cried. I was this close. Some internet sleuthing found a software website with free image file recovery (others cost anywhere from 20 to 40 dollars). It took an hour or so, but I recovered the pictures, and my heart rate went back to normal.
nt of a green screen with a temple superimposed? Freaky.

April 26
Virginia Tech
Who wants to come visit?

There's not much to see, but here's the necessary stop in the VT tour.

War Memorial Statues.

As you walk inbetween the pillars, you see this.

And this. This is where John catches the bus every workday morning.

And here's an arch.
See the stone used in most buildings. That's not ordinary stone. It's "Hokie stone."
See the VT bushes? Pretty much everything in this town has that symbol stickered or logoed on it somewhere. Even tattoos.

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Oracle Bones
I finished this book this afternoon.

Oracle Bones by Peter Hessler
It's about a journalist living in China. He tells the story of various Chinese students, people he meets in China, and about archaeology discoveries and ther meanings in history. Though his stories, you get a glimpse into the Chinese cultural mindset, and a general idea of history (ancient and modern), as well as economic trends and living conditions. The book jumps from people to people and you see a person's life throughout the book, which makes it fragmented at times. I didn't know much of anything about Chinese history, ancient or modern, so I found it interesting and the background explanations necessary. A good read if you want a glimpse of life in China, or are interested in archaeology or linguistics. All the stories were captivating, funny at times. He made subjects like economic reform, communism, rebellions in the countryside, trade agreements, archaeology and history all accesible to people who haven't studied these subjects before. I liked it. Three stars.
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April 25
Recent excitement.
Recently, we've gotten excited over our respective hobbies.

As for Jacki, it was this new flower arrangement. From Martha, but of course.

Pink and white vellum paper, attached to some cherry blossom branches from our yard.
Here they are on our piano, next to a picture of the Albuquerque temple.

John plays the piano. He also liked Nintendo, it's only natural he's playing this these days.

Main theme, underworld theme, star theme, the blindfold pianist has it. Some of the sequences are quite hard, computers can play many more notes at a faster pace than human hands. John spent an hour or so reading about the composer of the themes and how he had 3 instruments to use and the programming basis.

The latest excitement for Sophia has involved cookies. And princesses. A match made in heaven. Well not really...does Fairy godmother magic count as witchcraft? I sure hope not. Atanyrate...these cookie cutters are the coolest kitchen accessory for the little princess in your life. Williams Sonoma kids has all kinds of cool stuff, like bakeware shaped like bugs or trucks, and spatulas with kid themed graphics. If only I were a rich woman, if only. My kids cookingware would be big pimpin.

Natalie's latest hobby? Being a stinker. She thinks it's hilarious to do this with her tongue.

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April Showers bring April Flowers
The warm spring air is ripe with pollen. In the course of a week, our barren yard turned out some amazing flowering trees and perrenials. My non-green thumb has planted 3 planters of wildflowers, then I did nothing. I think Eden just might exist in southwest virgnia. The flowers are blooming spontaneously. This past sunday, while John was attending a marathon of stake meetings, the girls and I strolled around our house, taking pictures, picking flowers.

The walkway to the backyard. See the sidewalk lined with romantic flower petals?
That's from the tree in the next picture.

In the front yard, there are two trees, this one, and another with the same blossoms in red.

Sophia's flower basket...of sorts.

Oh and I just wanted to formally declare that windows live spaces has crappy picture resizing tools. I tried endlessly to get these pictures to be bigger and not look disportianate. I lost.

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April 10
Twirly Skirt
Yesterday I finished a skirt for Sophia, a Twirly Skirt by A House on Hill Road.

The pattern is super simple, two pieces of fabric make the body of the skirt,
with contrast edging and waistband sewn on. Elastic and drawstring middle.
Straight seams, no crazy techniques or tricks. Took me 3 hours, including cutting fabric.

I think we'll be making more of these...for gifts or for church.
But only with crazy twirly prints, of course.

Her favorite color right now is green. And she tells me this at every choice she makes.
So, voila! A green-ish twirly skirt.

Recognize the fabric? I bought it in high school, 8 yards.
For a quilt I never made. So now it's it's Natalie's curtains, a bib and now a skirt.
And I still have 4 yards left. Maybe a blanket next time!

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April 09
The Judgment of Paris

At the library a week ago. Trying to find a book about crochet. I forgot to bring the stroller. Again. And Natalie is pillaging the shelves. And in the midst of the pillaging, Natalie pulls down a book, The Judgment of Paris by Ross King. I read the back. It sounded interesting. It's a nonfiction book, detailing the 1860's in Paris. If you ever took an art history course, you'll know this is the decade of debate about Impressionism, as it started and was throughly rejected from the Paris Salon. The book takes you along the 1860's with Manet and Messionier, two painters with drasticly different lives and painting styles, through the Salon politics, the French-Prussian war, and along the way you see the tumultous decade that spawned Impressionsm. If you liked humanties or art history class, you'd probably like it. I didn't love humanities, but I liked it because it provides all the anecdotes, personality and political/historical background to paintings you usually are asked to interpret in 5 minutes with no prior knowledge. My only complaint? The author doesn't have all the pictures of the semi-important paintings, so I found myself looking online to review the artist's paintings he was lacking. This author wrote two other books, one about Bruneschelli's dome....and one about Michaelango and the Pope. I'm hoping to read them in the future...

So, I have been immersed in this book for a week. As you can see above, my children like imitating me in this endeavor. (I'm really good at multitasking according to Sophia). I've been immersed in painters lives, who felt the need to express their love of nature, or the way the light flickers, or the passion they feel onto canvas. So when I go to play with chalk with my children outside, I ended up with this. (Oh and if you're wondering, the chalk was soaked with rain water, so it came off really thick and real artist chalk)

And with extra saturation and high contrast via Windows Media Gallery....
this is how the chalk looked as it was applied, right before it dried two seconds later.

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April 07
Leadership Academy
So maybe you've recieved this email before. It's titled "Just a mom?"...and then the woman tells how she told the county clerk all about her job as "Research Associate in Child Development and Human Relations." My sister in law Susan sent it to me recently. I like the idea, I wonder if it actually happen (Sorry to whoever wrote it, if it did happen, but where do these email forwards come from? Sometimes they sound a bit...fictional). At any rate.....I thought my life reflected a slightly different job description. I'll now quote my email to my sister in law Susan, in response to the forward...."This woman is slacking. And she's obviously never been a research associate. All they do is observe and take notes and set up experiments to change children's behavior. That's not what I do all day. :)Let me tell you a story to illustrate....A few weeks ago, I was talking to another mom at the park. I'd never met her before, and in the course of the conversation, she asks me- And what do you do? I said...I stay at home. But just now, reading this email, I realized I do more than that. If I had to state my occupation and business plan again, this would be it. As Headmaster and CEO of an All-Girl's Leadership Academy, I maintain an all-inclusive school that educates and trains children to reach their full potential. In operation for three years, our learning environment incorporates religious education, secular knowledge, life skills and outdoor expeditions. We currently have an infancy and preschool environments for learning, but pre-K and grade school are being developed. We're hoping to expand to boys, but it takes a few months before we receive word of new admissions ;) (no I'm not pregnant, I just thought it was...true.)Most everyday details fall under my jurisdiction, but the President helps plan curriculum and long term expansion and direction for our school. He also helps with maintenance and fund raising(his fulltime job). Last weekend we reevaluated our short and long term goals to be aligned with the current counsel of our mentor, President Thomas S. Monson along with the other apostles of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. So, lady at the park, that's what I do.
Oh shoot, the Diego portion of today's bilingual curriculum activity is over. Gotta go! Vamanos!
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March 30
So I haven't updated the site in a month. So here's our family. The condensed version.

Natalie- Loves baths. And washing her hands. Hates being dirty.
Loves Grapes. I hate the results 2 hours later.
Loves throwing her dinner "overboard". Hates it when she can't eat it off the floor.
Loves books. Hates how hard it is to tear them apart.
Loves Cats and Cows and imitates them. Hates the vaccum cleaner and my blowdryer.
Loves running away from you. No matter if you want what she's hiding. She's running at top speed.

Said her prayers all by herself this past week. She was thankful for the color green.
And she wants to learn to "sew like Mama."
Wants everything to be green- sippy cups, shirts, blocks, blankets.
It's too bad most things are pink in our house.
Loves putting her babies to bed, reading them stories and helping
them when they're "feeling a little bit sick"
Loves to be contrary - Her latest song?
"Don't follow the prophet...He doesn't know the way!"
Loves all things Dora. Only she says "Let's go...Dominos!" (Instead of Vamanos!)

And John and I are just trying to keep everyone fed, happy and on track so they don't embarass us in public.

Also, I read the book "Liberal Fascism" by Jonah Goldberg during the past 3 weeks. I never was into history or politics in high school or college, so it was an intriguing read. I don't agree with everything the author asserts, or even his whole premise about the Democratic party. But thinking about politics and the philosophy behind the two parties helped me articulate what I think is right and needed in our country, and what the motivation should be behind political action. So it got me to think. And helped me appreciate the war chapters in the Book of Mormon.

We went to my parent's house for Easter (as you can see in the pictures). My Mom was visiting her family over the break, in Alaska.

This week I want to..
Play outside when it's sunny
Go to walmart for big grocery shopping
Plan a fun weekend for General Conference
Make a goal board with visuals of our goals
Play with sophia during Natalie's naps (rather than computer/housework activities)

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I'm so hip your Mamma broke me.
Here at the Daleys, we are on the cutting edge of style. Consider the following:

My Birthday present: A SERGER!

Just when I thought I might not sew Easter dresses in the near future, this arrives from my parents. For those of you who aren't sewers, Sergers create polished seams, your homemade clothes look professional! 4 threads instead of 2. Built in seam trimmer. Look inside the shirt you're wearing. If the seam has a series of loops or crosses 1/4inch wide, it was made with a serger.

2. A Playhouse!
It's old, it's beatup, and it was free. Hooray for freecycle! If you don't know what freecycle is, it's a yahoo group of people who recycle used items in a local area. We were the "most compelling story" of the people inquiring after it in an ad. All I said was "My two little girls love to make tents and houses, I'm sure they'd love a playhouse. It'd guarantee a summer of fun." Who knew I could be so persuasive?

Check it out...

Another birthday present. I'll be honest. I think they look stupid. Because we are not in Star Trek people.
But who tells their husband that when you get it on your birthday? Not me, this neck has many a soreness due to cooking and talking on the cell phone strain. So I'm loving it.

This reminds me of the moosebutter song. Click on "cell phone" under see dee.

And last but not least, we are venturing out of the house. In this:

Only ours is in sage green. On sale at Target (20 dollars off! Wohoo!) I finally decided if I wasn't going to get a fancy pants COOLEST trendy mom on the block 500 dollar stroller (I'm way too cheap for anything over 150 dollars), then I might as well get the Graco with animals all over and bare bones features.

What's next for my trendsetting ways? A minivan. Not a trendsetter, I know. Anybody have experience with KIA? I've become enticed with their 10 year warranty.

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Easter Dresses
I've worked on the girls' Easter dresses for the last month. In the middle of working on them,
I had my doubts about how they would turn out. I needed Tim Gunn. But seeing as how he's not
returning my calls, I plunged forward with the pattern and they turned out ok. I was really patient,
and did everything the pattern said- Iron, baste, hand stitch, use a zipper foot, etc. It turns out
that stuff works. Who knew? So please admire my amazing gathered capped sleeves, the zipper
that lines up, and the straight hem. Because they weren't by accident.

So all in all, I'm proud of the dresses and how cute my kids are in them.

Sophia with her fake smile. She looks awkward for some reason.

Natalie sleepy before church, with my dad.

After Church, in the midst of our Easter photo shoot.

March 30
Post St Paddy's Day madness
Yes, it's NCAA Basketball tournament time. But around here, it's all about the spring goodies.

First up, a Diaper Clutch for Church time diaper changing. I used a magnet and metal strip for closure.
It's not working. I need to replace it with a big button.

Martha inspired us to make these little chickies. From the Spring 2006 Kids Issue. They're cornflake-marshmallow treats, with chocolate and coconut in the nests.
They didn't turn out quite as malleable and easy to copy, but tasted so yummy.

I made 5 little chicks and 5 little rabbits, using plastic eggs and craft foam. Martha uses real eggs (blown out) and crepe paper and felt.
Our eggs were so cute, and lasted about five minutes in my children's hands. Tacky glue + Foam + plastic eggs are not durable.

Mine Martha's

Last but not least, Amigurumi from February. A sweet gnome and little mouse.

Gnome ( and mouse (

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February 17
Crayon Roll, Cookies and Bunny FuFu

Crayon Roll, as patterned by Skip to my Lou

I think they like it!

Giant Chocolate Chip and Nuts Cookies for my visiting teachees and John
Can you tell which one's for John?

My newest craft learning experience: Amigurumi (little japanese style animals crocheted in the round)

This is little bunny FuFu...her field mice friends will be made sometime soon.
I just learned how to crochet two weeks ago, so I've only done little things while I'm perfecting my technique. I like little animals, they're easy to start/finish and are usually in single crochet stiches all the way through.
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Baby Butler Quilt
Here's the pics of my latest projects for Laura and Mark's baby boy

Overall view of the quilt

Closeup of the back and patterns on front

Some things made from scraps- Baby's first hammer, tie onesie, baby's first wrench, and play cubes.

So cute! Almost makes me want a baby boy of my own (almost!)
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February 04
Worn out
Hola-I've started this blog entry numerous times, and I've come to this conclusion- I no longer think in sentences. That's all there is to it. I am becoming my mother. She no longer writes in sentences. Short phrases, grouped by topic, rambling on, what Catcher in the Rye would sound like if it was about a Mormon suburban special ed teacher's life. I've talked this way for a while, and sometimes written like it, but the part of my brain that formulates sentences is no longer working. It could be my more frequent conversations with 2 toddlers, it could be my lack of writing, it could be my love for cheesy sitcoms where noone has a real conversation. One liners are now my life. My last paragraph is quite hypocritical; there's sentences in there. If I had more time, creativity or brain power I'd rewrite to be a bunch of phrases about speaking in phrases. I'm sure this relates to some philosophical movement (existensialist?) but BYU was 4 long years ago. And I'm pretty sure I blew off the lecture on existentialism because I was doodling. Or making a list. I heart lists. So what have the daley's been up to since Sophia's birthday?In back order, starting with today's events: One half finished quilt for Laura and Mark's baby boy to be (due on my birthday! Crossing my fingers). I'll post pictures when I'm finished. One quarter finished crochet pot holder in sage green. Learned how to crochet last thursday, don't think my restlessness will make it to the end. I want to make crochet animals- anyone with experience?A wedding! Kassie and Jordon were married this past weekend. I was so excited for her, and the new life they've started. I spent half the weekend reflecting on my own wedding, and how happy I am that I married John. Sigh. And I was thrilled to be home and to see lots of old faces and catch up with all the people I wish I could live near year round. (Shoutout to Janet, Randi, S. Madsen and Starr). I didn't take pictures all weekend, for various reasons. Wisdom teeth! I had my wisdom teeth out two weeks ago. John's Mom and sister Diane and her husband Clint came to help. Luckily I've had no complications, luckily they're amazing and my girls cried when they left. Sophia now speaks of "being lonely" because they're not here to play. Natalie's birthday! Natalie turned a year a few weeks ago. She found her wrapped present and started opening it before we could set up "the moment." I made some mini cupcakes with a mini muffin pan, and a butterfly cake as shown in the slideshow. Natalie loved the spaghetti dinner we made for her dinner that night. Spaghetti because she loves it, and spaghetti because I was too worn out from baking the cake/ cleaning for John's parents to come the next day. Puzzles! Sophia's newest obsession is puzzles (she recieved a lot for christmas). Natalie's newest obsession- talking. And Yelling. With purpose. Oh and Books. Lots and lots of book reading, or looking I should say. January new years resolutions- 1. Treat my feet better with daily shower ex foliation 2. Read the BoM everyday 3. Ready for bed by 10 pm So far I've been great at 1/2 not so much with 3...I'll do better once the elections are over. Oh and Project Runway. December held a lot of present making, baking and a new relaxed attitude towards my housekeeping. You can see all my latest finished projects in the "homemade goodies" album. If you were in my 'hood and we went on a walk....this is what I guarantee would come up...Project Runway- Elections- The Firm workout tapes- Natalie's sensitivities to Milk and peanuts- Candy making for valentine's day - Latest mormon mommy blog/craft blog trendiness- The cute kids in my primary class- -Jacki
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