Friday, January 30, 2009

If you try to get something done

If you have two kids, one of them is going to be old enough for preschool.

When you go grocery shopping with one kid, you're going to need entertainment.

So when the kroger lady gives your kid a balloon, you'll take it.

But when you get one balloon, the other kid is going to be jealous when she sees it after preschool.

But you'll be prepared with food and distractions, and you'll be so prepared for the dr. appt after preschool.

So you'll drive 15 mins to the next town and do some shopping there, and you're going to run to the Target while you’re in the neighborhood.

When you run into Target, you can’t just look for the one thing.

Going to see that one thing you needed, plus another thing you think you needed, but you can’t remember what kind your husband wanted.

So you call him. While you’re calling him, your kids runaway and knock clearance aisle goods over.

So you're going to get all frustrated, shop really quickly and be ready for the doctor's office full of toys and movies. But you're going to the allergist.

When you get to the allergist's office, your kids are going to be tired of being in a cart all morning, and be ready to run around. But all the toys are old and for kids that read, and the old guy in the waiting room will be watching CNN.

Just when you get settled and are coloring on the examining table paper, the dr will come in and prick your kid with 10 needles for an allergy test. Traumatized.

You're going to need some stickers.

After you're all stickered and band-aided out, you'll get home and naptime will be a distant memory.

You've been busy all day, and the phone rings. You're all excited to talk to someone real, but don’t answer the phone, it’s a call to tell you that your house will be shown tomorrow to potential renters.

When you answer the phone, you're going to be all freaked out about how your house is a total trailer park tornado scene and you'll start picking up the whole house because you don’t’ want to look like a slob to people you’ll never meet.

Fast forward 12 hours to the next morning.

If it's the end of the month, you'll be visiting teaching. And of course you live all the way across town from your visiting teachees, so you'll stop by the store when you’re down there.

And you were so frazzled the day before, your kid will have taken your credit card out of your bag and left it in the doctor's office.

So you'll drive all the way there, only to find out it's closed for lunch. Because it's lunchtime.

But you'll have been so busy getting your kids and your lesson ready, you'll have forgotten food. And your kids are hungry.

So you'll go to chickfila real quick. And your kids are going to play on the playground. And never want to leave.

You'll finally get away from chickfila and their delicious polynesian sauce, get your credit card, and find out you filled in your daughter's birthdate as 1979. I have a 30 year old daughter. According to the allergist paperwork.

So you get home and have to blog so you're not yelling at your kids.

You're still reading? Look at you! By the way, what day is it? Friday? Sweeet! Totally going NOWHERE tomorrow.


Jodi said...

LOL. Seriously that sounds really familar! Are you guys moving? (if someone is coming to see the place?)

KaraLynne & Andy said...

Ha ha ha forever!!! That was so awesome and totally totally like some of my days. Im glad it is Saturday tomorrow if not for just you alone in this world after a few days like those! oh and I love peroegies.

Jacki said...

Well we're moving, just not sure whereto yet. I wish I could blog all about that process, but when we find a place to live, then we'll spread crazy internet blog rumors. Hehe

KaraLynne & Andy said...

Man Jacki everytime I even think of this post I have to laugh to myself. That is why i have to comment again! (oh and on a side note the little computer generated word I have to type for security reasons below looks like it might be swedish for "toot") Awesome!

Robert said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Erin said...

Wow, I think I had that day just yesterday! Thanks for tracking me down and thank you so much for your comment.

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