Sunday, July 11, 2010

Ironman…for non-athletes

We had a great ward activity yesterday – a field day of sorts. There’s nothing like seeing a bishopric member dive for the finish of a three legged race, and take his wife down with him,  or watch a well mannered person dive into a watermelon with their face and hands. And nothing like grown men compete to see who’s airplane goes the longest.

There were stations for the kids (big and little!) - paper airplanes, long jump, squirt gun targets, obstacle course, water balloon toss, bean bag toss.

All morning long there were events- Stick Pull, Foot races, 3 legged race, wheelbarrow race, headstand contest, watermelon eating.

The best event in my opinion? The frozen sock contest. New socks, dipped in water, frozen. The first to thaw their sock out and get it all the way on wins. It was hilarious.


929902788_B24xx-X3 John competing in the stick pull


Sophia in the foot race.


Natalie and Sophia in the three legged race. Here I am telling them- go inside, outside, inside outside.  And don’t run, just walk really fast.


My stage mother advice worked- they came in second.


Here’s John and Sophia competing in the wheelbarrow race. They did these all afternoon long once we were home.


A frozen sock. People were breathing on them, using their body heat to try to warm it up.


My husband in the bottom right corner- people bashed them against the table to  get a better bite. Or used their hands.


The girls lunch for the day. I was amazed they ate that much watermelon.


And me in the sprinting foot race- totally came in last. See my face? Thumbs sticking up? Totally run like my mom. Yikes!


Sarah said...

I love it! You may have come in last, but at least you tried! What a fun ward activity.

Carrie said...

that's cute! i love how serious sohpia was about the three-legged race and your running picture is priceless.

Carrie said...

i mean soPHia

*Becky* said...

What a fun ward! and ward activity! I would love to do that kind of stuff, but everyone would die here if we did those activities this time of year

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