Saturday, July 10, 2010

Vacationing at Home: Indy Style

If you come to visit me in Indy, I promise we’ll have tons of fun.  Times five. This week my Mom visited, and we did some of the attractions all in one week. I could have easily filled another week with activities…that’s how great this City is. I kind of love vacationing from home. I get to sleep in my own bed every night, my kids aren’t too thrown off, I get to pick all the food we eat.

Day 1: Plainfield Aquatics Center. See this awesomeness? So fun. That huge pineapple bucket on top fills up and spills every 5 minutes. Mini waterslides for the kids. Huge waterslides for the big kids. We went the day after July 4th, it was packed.


My kids were fascinated by the people “with drawings on their bodies.” Welcome to Indiana kids- every other person is tattooed. And some of them? More tattooed skin than non. Even though it’s a pain to be in huge crowds, I love people watching. I was amazed to see mothers wearing bikinis with no fat on their bodies…and amazed to see people who look like Kramer in Seinfeld’s crispy chicken episode.


The whirlpools were my kids favorite part. They have a lazy river type area, where you swim with the current (no floaties) . At the end is the 10 ft wide whirlpools, where the lifeguard is standing. The water goes in circles and if you pick your feet up, you do too. IMG_6579

Day 2- Indianapolis Zoo- forgot my camera card. So sad. They had a splash park running and everything. Oh well :(

Day 3- Sit around, bake cookies, get a haircut.

Day 4- Children’s Museum! New Etch a Sketch exhibit. Check out the Jayz awesomeness:


And the Barbie Mariposa live costume:


And Leo’s first (and probably last) picture with Barbie


On Friday we went to a Paint your own pottery place, which I promptly forgot to take pictures during.

And at night? The ChickFilA Cow Appreciation Day. We got our whole meal- for free! Totally having the rest of my salad today for lunch. Natalie was a cow ballerina, Sophia was a cow with spots only on her front. They were jumping up and down with excitement to see the cow.


My mom was a green cow (“A cow that went out to pasture and got sick”) And my spots were falling off. Excuse the dark circles under the eyes, I’ve got a newborn, so cut me a break, all right? IMG_6661

They had a carnival games area for kids to play and win cheap prizes (the wooden snake was the best!) And this game, Shockwave, had all the kids stumped. Sophia was better at it then I thought she’d be. And John mastered it. Won us a water snake prize. That’s my man right there, the one with the mad hand eye coordination. Woot! Woot!


Last but not least, we’ve got a happy smiling baby around these parts. I was so busy trying to get him to laugh my camera slipped and we’ve got a floating smiling  baby head. A little Cheshire Cat-ish, don’t you think? 


My talented Aunt Judy sent an adorable and colorful train quilt for Leo. Here he is contemplating the free style quilting methods on it.


Next week we’re back to Lunch Bunches, free movies and summer school activities….it was fun while it lasted!


KaraLynne and Andy said...

vacationing at home sounds like the way to go. Also that baby has some cute cheeks.

Jodi & Chris Reeve said...

Looks like fun was had by all! Did your husband get to have a stay cation with you too?

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