Saturday, July 3, 2010

Swweeeet Summertime

Sophia filled up her reading chart so we had a party. Reading party= pink cupcakes with cool whip and sprinkles and board games.

IMG_6342 IMG_6333

Lately Natalie’s hair has been looking very…Hanson- like. Remember Hanson? Lame songs, 3 teenage boys, long gross hair….I want to cut hers, but she wants it to be long like Sleeping beauty…Maybe I can negotiate for bangs.

Two weeks ago we drove up to Elkhart to John’s parent’s house.

There was lots of sitting around outside in the twilight…

IMG_6398 IMG_6361 IMG_6385

And we had a backyard party for these newlyweds…IMG_6453


The most important part of this backyard party was the BALLOONS! (Well, at least according to the preschool decorators)

Leo slept through most of the party, but made an appearance at the end…


I spent the rest of the week trying to catch Leo’s smile. He’s so good at it, but not when I have a camera out. Here’s a half smile…IMG_6443

There was also a lot of swimming….


And sneaking up to scare the other kids, in true Daley style…IMG_6479IMG_6491

We broke in Leo’s new flip flops…(they last about 5 minutes on but they’re so adorable)


Sophia learned to swim with water wings on…IMG_6475

And we all slept a little better. Grandpa was a pro at getting Leo to sleep.


I had all kinds of plans for our week, and none of them worked out. But we still had fun, how can you not, at Grandma and Grandpa’s house?


Carrie said...

that looks fun. sometimes the best times are when you don't have plans. when you can just relax with family. i liked the reading chart party and little leo's half smile.

*Becky* said...

So fun! Hi, My name is Becky. I am your cousin, Kole's wife. I found your blog through Dorothy a while back. I think it's good for Kole to see what his family is up to since we all live far away from each other

*Becky* said...

correction: John is Kole's cousin.

Jacki said...

Hey Becky! Glad you found us! We always get updates on Dorothy's family from Linda, it's nice to see pictures to go along with it!

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