Saturday, October 16, 2010

5k race and Autumn walks in the woods and other randomness

First, Sophia is now a photographer. As in, won’t let me take more than 2 pictures at a time, runs around the house taking pictures of random objects, and teaching Natalie to pose- that kind of photographer.

So, here is her debut- Play food still life. By Sophia Daley.


Artist Bio- Only takes pics of what she loves, can barely lift the dSLR. Has a loving mother who would freak if she ever broke said camera. Cuter  and sassier than I could have ever imagined.


On Friday we went to the park- like every Friday- but we went on a walk in the woods. These woods. Beautiful amazing Autumn woods.


Leo slept through the crazy tree root  bumps.


Sophia basked in the sunlight.

IMG_7542 IMG_7545

Natalie did the balance beam on a fallen log.


And Sophia wondered how trees get that tall. Then, my camera died. (Sad face)


On Saturday I did a 5k, a Race for the Parks. This county’s parks are the coolest, so I wanted to do it. The 5k was brutal- 3 huge hiles, each at least .2 miles, some at 35 degrees incline. My shins will never be the same. I won my age category for women at 33 minutes – in other words, there weren’t that many of us. I think a lot of ladies in my age group ran the 10k. Maybe next year.




Leo was there. In his bear suit. I bought it before I knew I was having a boy. Here he is telling me how he missed me while I was gone:


Then we did the prairie grass maze. Ate some goldfish along the way.

IMG_7578 IMG_7579 IMG_7582 

Can you find the grasshopper? They would shoot up 5 feet in front of us, 10 at a time. Fun.


I played a little bit with focus along the way.


And tried to take some shots of the girls peeking through the grass. Emphasis on tried. Learned that Sophia and Natalie have hair exactly the same color as Prairie grass. Guess we belong here in Indiana after all.


Hooray for the parks and the cameras that capture their beauty!

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Laura Butler said...

Congrats on winning the age category for the 5K Jacki! You inspire me to start running again! I love the pics of the girls. Sophia is going to be a heartbreaker! Leo is getting so big and so cute! And I love Natalie's cupcake costume!:)

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