Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween 2010

Halloween came and went in full force. We made a week’s worth of Halloween meals- mummy hot dogs, pumpkin pizza, pumpkin soup, spiderweb and ghost pretzels. (Spiderweb idea from my friend Delia- they were great!)


 IMG_7869 IMG_7872 IMG_7878

On Friday we went to our ward Trunk or Treat. Here is elephant Leo on the hayride with John. Great picture, right? No, not great picture. Didn’t take another all night. Maybe we’ll do a photo shoot tomorrow. He was so dang cute, as always.




Here’s the girls ready for the party, all decked out. We had coats under the costumes.IMG_7879 

The highlight was the donut on a string. Hilarious.



On Saturday I took the kids to the park for their Halloween festivities.   I love it enough to do it alone without John. We trick or treated around the woods, got a free balloon, had a balloon get poked by a branch and fly away, and bought a huge bag of Kettle Corn.



And posed on a log while we waited for our turn to touch witch’s eyeballs and hair.

We went around our neighborhood- it was like a ghost town. No street lights, no kids, every 3 houses had a bowl of candy on the front porch, every 10th house had someone home. I guess the neighborhood next to us is packed. I kind of like only going for a half hour then coming home. The kids enjoyed passing out the candy right at 6 oclock to the huge masses of people starting during daylight.

And we never did carve pumpkins. Maybe for Family Home Evening tomorrow night. We’ll see.

Hooray for Halloween!

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Shelly Beth said...

Looks like so much fun. I attempted to make Halloween meals; made pumpkin shaped sandwiches and mummy dogs. Maybe next year I will do better! We didn't carve pumpkins either. I swear the holiday snuck up on us!

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