Saturday, October 16, 2010

Halloween Fleece Tote Bags Tutorial- Ice Cream and Cupcake, Pottery Barn style


Here’s the matching bags to go with the Halloween costumes. I guess this isn’t a tutorial- more like alterations to the Soft Basket Tutorial at Michael Miller fabrics.


Basically I made it as the tutorial says, but scalloped the edges of the cuff and sewed on sprinkles before sewing started. Above you can see scallopped cuff, the bottom inside and outside, the outer and inner layers. There should only be one pink strip there- don’t know why I took a picture of two. Weird.

Anyways, I cut out everything like the tutorial said, but I didn’t have any quilted interfacing to give the bags stiffness. So for the bottom I had plastic cross stitch webbing  (it’s about 99 cents a sheet and easily cut with scissors, at Joann’s in the embroidery aisle).  IMG_7532

Then I could have used more of that for the sides, but I hadn’t bought enough. So I used Heat n Bond interfacing to fuse thin flannel together to be in place of the quilted interfacing. Sewed the sprinkles on the cuff, then did just like the tutorial instructs. Oh, and I made a handle out of doubled up fleece and sewed it at the end, so it could be across the top.


IMG_7615 IMG_7616


Hooray for all the Halloween candy that will fill these up!

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