Saturday, October 16, 2010

It’s always fun when Grandma and Grandpa and Aunt Holly come, Hooray!

IMG_7379  IMG_7380

Last weekend John’s parents came to visit with John’s sister Holly. Holly is oh so six months pregnant so it was fun to talk about baby and labor stuff and all that jazz. On Saturday we went to a local park to play. While we were there, John’s uncle called to say he was passing through Indy and we should meet up. So to Cracker Barrel we went!

    IMG_7383 IMG_7388

We enjoyed shakes while Scott had his dinner. Here’s the two brothers.


The next day was all about our newest niece Evelyn. Isn’t she the cutest? We went to their ward, everyone in Indianapolis is beyond excited about the new temple to be built in Carmel.


I pretty much spend all my time at their house looking to take pictures of this cute kid. And he spends the whole time eating. Grandma’s oatmeal sqaures are the best, right lil Man? 


One last shot, of my Lil man and Holly. He’s starting to look a little bit like a Daley I think. Maybe it’s just the cheeks.


Hooray for family. Why do they always have to go home so soon?

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