Wednesday, August 31, 2011

At the Fair

Every year, 2 dollar tuesday…Indiana State Fair. We’ve always gone the day before school starts, it’s a nice ending to the summer.


John’s new musical hero…and a good old tractor logging demonstration…


A very stinky ox….Natalie would not get near, even though the cutest farmer ever was telling her to come pet him.


The girls love these head cut out pics…Like Natalie’s 4 eyes?

The lumberjack competition was John’s favorite. I’ll admit it, it was pretty entertaining.


The girls tried out roller coasters this year- we had to wait a whole year after Sophia cried through the Bumblebees last year….so the mini bug roller coaster and slide and water waves ride were progress. Hooray for the Fair! Next year- John and I are going on a date at night, without kids. Just for the food.  I’m already looking forward to it.


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