Wednesday, August 31, 2011



It’s nice to have a friend that’s an expert in her field. My friend Lesley, she’s my canning expert. As in, make your own pectin expert. Canning homemade grape juice expert. So for the last year whenever we’ve talked, we mentioned canning peaches, and we finally made it happen. She drove 3 hours with 4 bushels of peaches, and hauled all 4 of her kids down to my house. Party time! We canned 42 jars, and chopped the rest for bbq sauce and jam.


We learned some team work while they visited…


Marcus was eager to steal the spotlight…what 3 year old boy isn’t?


Sophia and Jodie have known each other since birth. SINCE BIRTH! How many of you can say you’ve had friends since birth? Ok, it’s pretty easy when you’re 6. I was so glad they hit it off.




Lesley even cans with a broken foot. The dedication!   And isn’t this little one a stud?


Oh the silliness.


Some closeups. You know, for the graduation/mission farewell/wedding slideshow file.

Hooray for good friends! And hooray for peaches!


Sharlyn said...

How fun that you and Lesley still get together!

Jacki said...

It is way fun Sharlyn. Lesley lives in my in-law's ward, so we get to see them everytime we visit. Wish you lived close enough to come hang out with us!

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