Friday, August 19, 2011

Leo at 15 months

Everyday it’s something new, to keep me on my toes. This week we spent some pretty pennies on toilet paper guards, toilet locks…and just now while picking out photos I had to take a 5 minute break and find all the doors outside opened and Leo outside. In the garage, luckily. Leo’s getting to an age where I can give him something to do and to mimic me, and he does it for longer than 2 minutes.



Last week during Saturday chores Leo learned how to clean up his fingerprints…


And we’ve had some intensive case studies in how to use a spoon…


Every day after work John practices his guitar while Leo strums, or yells at him, or walks around dancing. It’s one of my favorite things right now.


Whenever I do P90X during the day Leo loves to watch and laugh at me while I jump around, or climb on me as I do push ups….We’re hoping he’ll have a 6 pack by his next birthday (joking, joking…)



This was what I came downstairs to yesterday morning. I have pictures of my brother doing the same thing with a Cheerios box at this age…I guess some activities are timeless for little boys.

And that’s Leo’s life right now….and thus my lack of blogging. This kid keeps me on my toes!

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