Wednesday, August 31, 2011

First Day of School


The first weeks of school have come and went. Sophia’s doing great in first grade, she loves her teacher, who seems very experienced and enthusiastic. I could only get one posed picture before Silly Sophia took over. Good thing she can keep that in check at school. Man, Sophia is exhausted by day’s end, we’ve had to develop a new routine of down time when she gets home.



And just because I take too many pictures…here’s Natalie in her natural state all glammed up, and Leo’s newest haircut. John cut it while I was at church, next time I’m thinking mohawk. He’s crazy enough for it. Natalie will be starting preschool in a week or so, we’re doing it two days a week and I’ve been compiling curriculum and ideas from my past

Hooray for new school years!

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