Tuesday, February 28, 2012

On a wintry morning last week…


As I dashed out the door to take Natalie to preschool, the snow all around was an afterthought- oh shoot! Get your boots on, kids, and get your heavy coat.


As I rode to preschool, I was in awe of the snow- a white highlighter on every branch and twig, making grim gloomy Indiana bright and crispy again.



The snow on the trees and grass, contrasting with the bark and roads was so dramatic. The world was black and white over night. I decided to ditch my to-do list of laundry and cleaning up. I was going to take some pictures.



Leo was so excited to get all his winter gear on. He kept saying over and over pointing out the window- no! no! no!


We drove to our favorite park, got out the stroller, and went on a hike in the snow.  We were the second creatures to pad around in the snow.



Leo was the best little buddy to take out on this trip. He points, he walks around in circles, he lets me put his hat on.



This winter has felt like a weight dragging on my shoulders.By the end of our walk we were a little cold but refreshed. Being outside in the cold air helped my spirits come back up.



Somehow a blanket of snow, a little man in a big puffy coat, and stomping in the woods following squirrel tracks, listening to birds,  has lifted that weight ever so slightly.

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Lindsay Adams said...

Beautiful pictures, Jacki!

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