Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Letter K/M/N preschool activities

For Letter K this month we did some fun things and some lame things.

We made kangaroo pouches and jumped around picking up letter K leaves.





We made Rice Krispies.

We made key rubbings.

We tried to make a newspaper kite- and it failed, miserably.

We read books about Kangaroos- I love the book “BOING”

We did shape tangram puzzles.



Letter M and N were much better.



We played with our marble run toy.




We sorted, counted and graphed mini mm’s. I made M&m cookies for the kids the night before.

We sorted letter M and N’s, then identified beginning sounds of M and N words. Pretty hard for the kids to do, but once we broke down the task they did it well.

I made marble cereal box mazes (From Family Fun magazine) with straws and hot glue. Natalie got frustrated really easily with it.

We sang “Shake the Mango tree” from Sesame Street and “Who built the Ark? “ by Raffi

We read “5 Little Monkeys sitting in a Tree” and a nursery rhymes books.

We did Monster Truck printable math activities. We rolled a marble over the sheet with numbers to 20 on it, then whatever number it landed on, they traced and said the number. Kept their attention a lot longer than tracing the whole page of numbers in one go.



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