Sunday, April 22, 2012

Seussical the Musical

The first grade at Sophia’s school performed an adapted version of Seussical the Musical. Sophia loved dressing up and learning her lines. She put together her Seuss outfit together by herself too!


Sophia sang all the songs and taught the actions and words to Natalie for the weeks before the show.


At the last minute someone from Sophia’s scene was sick, so she had to fill in for another student. She did great remembering the extra line and having comedic timing and gestures. 



The music teacher and principal saw her after and said “Sophia saved the Seussical show!” She was beaming.


Sophia with her teacher and her friends Jasmine and Sophie, below.



After the show we went back to her class and I took a pic of her sitting at her desk.


I was so proud of Sophia and all her hard work.

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