Sunday, April 22, 2012

29! Birthday Weekend


I turned 29 at the beginning of March. One year left until the big 3-0! My friends who are super sporty, planned an outing to the Rock climbing gym. I was excited to go to see if I’m still as fit as I was last summer. I was happy to reach the top of the wall and push myself a little on harder climbs.



On Sunday, my birthday, our family came over and we had a delish meal. Well, most of it was delish. I wanted to make a healthy meal, and I ended up making a weird spinach bean mixture. Luckily John made a delish Chocolate cheesecake for me before church. It was great. I was kind of wishing the kids hated it so there’d be more for me.






Mmmmm dreamy chocolate cheesecake….


On Monday my friend Sarah hosted a brunch in my honor. My friends are so great, I’m always worried that nobody will show up to a party for me. Luckily they came. A tradition is forming in our ward where we go around at birthday celebrations and say nice things about the birthday person. It was so heartwarming to hear what people see in me, things I might never think about myself, or things I see as weaknesses. I’ve been feeling very overwhelmed and frustrated with myself, so this bouyed me up in spirits.

IMG_6235 [1280x768]

IMG_6237 [1280x768]

IMG_6243 [1280x768]

Hooray for friends. Mine are the coolest.

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