Monday, April 23, 2012

Easter Eggs


Right before Spring break a friend organized a little Easter egg hunt- older kids hide the eggs, the younger ones go and find. Low key hunt with lunch and some playing at the park. Hanging out with friends makes any old occasion better.




At home we did a mini egg hunt in the backyard. Leo remembered the candy inside, and thus lost interest after eating some of the candy. Sophia helped guide him around.



The pictures above of Natalie are for future posterity, when her children wear the most random clothes and she is bewildered, I will show her these pictures and prove its genetic.


After church we went to the Daley’s for some yummy food and much needed Cousin time.





The day after Easter we had family night and dyed eggs. This was two weeks ago, and I finally ate the last hard boiled egg. Today I went to make a salad and there were none- and I almost boiled more! Luckily I snapped out of that insanity and ate cheese instead.


Regardless of the limitless egg dyeing tutorials and variations I’ve seen around the interwebs, ombre and a white crayon are still my faves.


Natalie was making up all kinds of stories about eggs and their magical powers and how she “dyes them and you can buy them and give them away to all your loved ones, stop by my website to find out more information and to sign up with coloring pages and more”…..


Sophia was excited to write things in code and see them appear after you dye the eggs.


It’s so refreshing the differences in these two. Love them both, they wear me out and stretch my mind in different ways. Variety (in children) is the spice of life.

Hooray for Easter traditions that have nothing to do with the real reason for the holiday!

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