Monday, April 23, 2012

Life at (almost) age 2

This is me, Leo. Every morning, I wake up with a huge smile on my face, wait for my mom to come and get me, then run away as fast as possible. I’ll only stop running for a few things- oreos and food are one.




A lot of times when I’m eating Mom wants to take a picture and ooh and ahhhs over it like she’s never seen anybody eat a chocolate brownie this cute before.



Most of my mornings are spent attacking Mom while she exercises or trying to escape the jogging stroller while we run. Sometimes she lets me push it around. If we ever have to cross the plains, I know how to push.


When I’m really lucky we stop at the trucks site or the park after we run. I know every sound of these trucks and make these noises all the time. But everyone is CAR! to me. You have to use your gut to say it, all deep and low for the R like you’re from new england.


Hills are one of my favorite things. I scope the cul-de-sac  for steep drive ways to run down, or if I  find a ramp and can go up and down over and over, of if I’m lucky, a huge hill. There’s not much in Indiana.



I’m obsessed with cars, and driving them, and I try to never leave the van after we get home so I can make car noises and turn the lights on and off and pretend I’m plowing through the house.


This trike is pretty fun too. We bring it inside when its cold outside. And I race down the street in it as soon as the garage door is open. I’m usually 5 houses ahead of Mom as she’s yelling “Who opened the door? Dang it Leo I don’t have shoes on!” It’s pretty funny. Seeing her outside makes me go faster.



Last month Grandma and Grandpa Daley came to visit from their mission. We tried on hats and snuggled.


Grandpa Ingram comes to visit sometimes when he has to visit Kentucky. He’s pretty fun. I like to poke at his computer and snuggle with him. She shows me videos and makes bear noises. Then I make faces at his HUGE camera.



At night Daddy will play guitar and I’ll rock out with him. Sometimes you’ll find me just hanging out singing my guts out.


I’m pretty good at strumming. Most of my songs sound like a bear attacking someone.


Daddy’s got a new lawnmower, which is pretty much the coolest yet scariest thing ever. I had to protect everyone against the scary lawnmower snort. Luckily I had my sword that’s almost as big as I am.




I am Leo, and my life’s pretty sweet.

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