Saturday, November 14, 2009

How to tell if you're friend is pregnant

Ok, so let's say your friend does not look
like this quite yet..But 5 bucks says she feels like this. .

So you have a semi good friend that you talk to all the time...or she rambles about her life on her blog or facebook. She seems like she might be gaining a few pounds, and you're sure she wants to be preggers, but not sure if she is? Here's some tell tale signs. As in, real thoughts or comments from the past 2 months...

  1. "I want mustard for dinner...what can I make that involves mustard..."
"Today I heard the song Skater Boy by Avril Lavigne. And thinking about that girl looking up at the guy she missed out on dating because she was so shallow...made me cry."

"The soft pretzel shop in the mall is like a siren song to deter my shopping odyssey"

"We are buying a minivan! Just so I don't have to bend down and buckle in my kids anymore"

"Totally tried salt and vinegar chips on my turkey sandwich today. It was the best."

"My kids voices seem to have gained a 3 decibel higher range overnight."

"Kids, this is mommy's bowl of buttered popcorn (huge mixing bowl)- and this is your bowls (normal sized bowls) no sharing, we don't want each other's germs....(as in, I'm not going to share with you!)"

"Barbie and the Island Princess...instead of laughing at it's ridiculousness, I cried. Hard."

"Ugh there is nothing to blog about...except the foods I'm obsessed with"

In my case, they suddenly need another hair tie for their pants as well as their ponytail....and they want maternity clothes for Christmas.

So be on the lookout....there are pregnancy clues looking everywhere!

p.s. That picture is me three years ago it was Christmas and I was 8 months pregnant. I was tired. Very very tired. But I strained a smile for posterity's sake. Hooray for me.


Amy said...

yay for you!!! i am super excited for you guys! (and am sorry you have to buy a mini van... )

Shelly Beth said...

:) I want details! I am so excited for you!

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