Sunday, November 1, 2009

The humungous obligatory Halloween post

First it started with a trip to Watermen's pumpkin patch... which included over rambunctious goats and a spinning pumpkin and a t-rex that eats pumpkins...

Natalie was pretty excited about all the pumpkins all over. Then she wanted one that wasn't dirty...pretty much mission impossible.

The straw mountain was the best, as was gazing at ponies from afar..

Then there was pumpkin carving....Sophia and John did a very simple cat pumpkin with pipe cleaner accessories.

Natalie picked features from a sheet of different shapes, and we ended up with a classic.

Natalie loved it. A lot.

Then there was the candy. A lot of candy. That they wanted to swim in.

Trick or treating quotes-
"Look mom, Nem and Nems!" - Natalie
"Mom, I got milk jugs! Just like Daddy likes!" -Sophia
( um, that's milk DUDS sophia...)

As we walk down the street, Natalie was singing " Someday my prince will come..." in the highest voice possible.

My princesses, looking dreamy for their prince at the ward Halloween party.

Happy How-oh-ween!

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