Saturday, March 6, 2010

Bridal Shower Shots

In the next few posts you'll see more details of the bridal shower. First, there were some cute ladies, some old friends...

And some newer ones.

We sat around and put the recipes on the cards, then ate some of the delicious food.

Mom Daley was there. And Jonah was the lone bachelor. (All the other kids were off at the park with John and Grandpa)

Then we watched Braden on a computer screen, and Holly tried to guess the answers to his questions. It was fun, it helped everyone get a feel for Braden a little bit (He lives in San Francisco, so just Holly's family has spent time with him.)
And of course, GIFTS! The real reason for a Bridal shower.

Scroll down for more posts about the decorations, food, favors and more!

Good cake, eh ladies?

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