Friday, March 12, 2010

Wizard of Oz Party Food

*******WELCOME PINTEREST PINNERS! IF YOU'RE LOOKING FOR AN UPSIDE DOWN WICKED WITCH CUPCAKE, you can find the creator and picture at the flickr set here. Or visit her website here: I had her image on my post and never intended for it to go viral. But here you are, looking for it all the same. Send Kelly Sweet Rewards some love on her flickr set. *******

Original post:

For Girl's Camp this year our Stake is doing an "Over the Rainbow" theme. We watched Wizard of Oz for a mutual activity, so the girls were more familiar with the movie before they went to camp. I was put in charge of food. These foods could easily be adapted to a Wizard of Oz party or family night movie party.

First, we had a Rainbow of Fruit. I saw this idea for a St.Patricks Day Party (theirs had marshmallows for clouds). But we did a rainbow of Strawberries, oranges, mangos, Kiwi, grapes and blueberries. I served it with Cream Cheese fruit dip.
Secondly, we had Yellow Brick Road Vanilla Wafers. These are pretty much my favorite cookie ever, so that was a no-brainer. They're pretty good dipped in cream cheese dip too. Not that we did that or anything...

Lastly I made Wicked Witch punch- it's Lime Sherbet punch, with a hat over it. Because the witch melted- get it??? I was so excited about this when I found it on a Wizard of Oz party forum.

(which by the way, is an interesting segment of the population. People admitted to having Wizard of Oz themed guest rooms. I don't know if I'd ever commit a whole room of decor to a movie.)

The Lime Sherbet is a 1/2 gallon of sherbet mixed with a can of limeade concentrate, then 2 liters of lemon lime soda mixed in with ice. So good.

Here's a close up of the hat. It was beaten up a little before it made it into the punch bowl. I used a clean plastic food safe lid for the bottom, then taped on black foam, with a black construction paper cone taped on top. Tape doesn't stick to foam very well, just so you know. I didn't, now I do.

And I'm not responsible for the genius of the wizard of oz cupcake, you can find the flickr set here.

Maybe I'll convince my kids to like Wizard of Oz more, just to make those cupcakes.

Oh and Interesting mom's name is Glenda. When people would hear that, they'd say "Like the Good witch of the North??" No, not exactly. My Mom in a pink ballgown floating in a bubble would quite the sight.


Laura Oler said...

I always feel like I'm reading Martha Stewart when I visit your blog -- you are so amazing and creative! The young women must love you, as well as the preschool kids. You really do make marvelous things.

Anonymous said...

These are so great! Thanks for the ideas and help with our party!

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