Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Wedding Day

The Location: Navuoo Illinois Temple

The Bride and Groom: Holly and Braden

Aren't they cute?

In the morning we had a fabulous luncheon at the Hotel Nauvoo, where Holly and Braden were revered and everyone talked about how amazing they are and how happy they are to be getting married and all that nice jazz.

Then we got dressed, went to the temple, and had a photo shoot. I didn't take many of Holly and Braden, I figured their photographer was getting the money shots. And was better than me.

Here's a shot of our little family of 4.. (for the time being)

I don't look like I'm very close to John, but in the shots where I was closer, my face looked fatter. So I went for skinny over intimacy.
Here's the two princesses.

Here's the Redheaded and the fairheaded Daleys being fancy together.

The other parts of the Redheaded Daley family. See the pink vest on Jonah? Isn't it to just die for?

The Leavens were there too. I got a good shot of Kailey being the bouquet holder. It's like once a girl is a teenager suddenly you can see them as a bride (Sorry Susan, not much longer and they'll be the ones in the white dress!)

"Who's your favorite?" -Aunt Holly

That's Holly's favorite thing to ask my kids. So it's no suprised all the nieces were so excited to be there at her wedding day. She is, after all, the favorite.

When the photographer was done with the kids but not done with the adults, we had to take matters into our own hands and entertain as reverently as possible. Simon Says, formal wedding dress style.

Hooray for Holly and Braden!

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