Thursday, January 13, 2011

12 days of Christmas, Dating Your husband style


So for Christmas I did 12 days of Christmas for John. All the presents included time together after the kids were in bed. This was the point of it all- to spend time together doing something fun. Some of them we never did because of other activities. Some of them I spiced up a little bit more than mentioned here, because you know, we’re married and all, but I’m not going to blog about my bedroom affairs (sorry y’all) .

I made up 12 cards with the numbers on the front in scrapbook paper, then wrote inside what the date was, if there was no concrete present to give.

Here were the days, as planned:

1- Pear Crisp

2- Turtles Chocolates and Dove Chocolates

3- French Hens- French Toast with gourmet Maple Pecan Syrup (this was his birthday)

4- Calling Birds- Board Games together (with no “name calling”)

5- Gold Rings- Golden Popcorn and Lord of the Rings

6- Geese- Big Feather and Six Eggs with things I love about him

7- Swans- Bubble Bath, hand Towels and Bathroom items he needed.

8-Maids a Milking- Ghiradelli Hot Chocolate and reading time together

9- Ladies Dancing- Time spent learning Salsa in a new cute dress I can finally fit into

10- Lords a Leaping- Basketball game on Tv

11-Pipers Piping- Peppermint Oreos and Ice Cream

12 Drummers Drumming-Massaging Showerhead, Hand held massager from Stocking stuffer aisle

It was fun to have a date every night and fun to have a gift to give every day. (The girls would give him the card or box at lunch everyday). I highly suggest this if you want to shower your husband with some love next year!


Reuben said...

Neat. This is fun. Yes, I see lots of opportunities for additional spicing here, especially the obvious "ladies dancing" opportunity (although I assume there was only a single dancing lady).

So which one was your favorite?

Jacki said...

My favorite was the board games one- I made a jenga with questions / "suggestions" glued on the side, so when you picked that piece you had something to do- kind of like structured truth or dare.

Salsa dancing was fun too, John found some great flamenco music on grooveshark, so it was fun to have a dance party.

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