Thursday, January 13, 2011

Christmas Crafts

Family Calendar! I was so late this year on this one, but next year will be different!


No, we didn’t make poop for Christmas. More like teething biscuits for Leo. Equal parts flour and baby rice cereal, apple juice to make it pliable, bake 350 until they’re dry. I turned my oven off after an hour and came back 5 hours later and they were good and hard!


Hair bows and flowers for the newest little lady of the Daley family.


And my latest baby gift, for all the new babies, once they’re born- I am a Child of God frames.


Truffles for the visiting teachees and home teachees. Coconut Crème, Chocolate Chip Cookie dough, Chocolate Peppermint, Chocolate Truffles with Sprinkles, Buckeyes


Last but not least, we did a card swap through Kids Craft Weekly. We sent cards to 10 random people, and got 10 cards in return. Here’s some of the ones we made with fingerprint snowmen.

Snowman in a row, Snowman Christmas, Snowman Parade, Rudolph Family Reunion.


Giving is the best part of Christmas- the part I get more and more excited about every year!

1 comment:

*Becky* said...

I think I want to use some of your ideas. I love the Child of God frame!

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