Sunday, January 23, 2011

Princess Party- Pink and Purple and Royally Fancy

Natalie turns 4 tomorrow. Hurray! Here’s what we did to celebrate. I was instructed to make a “Disney Princess Fancy Birthday Party.” I tried to go for Glittery, Fancy, Pink, but not overtly Disney Princesses- there were boys coming, after all.



I did simple shapes on Make the Cut to make a background castle, with separate triangles/towers to glue on in differing colors. See picture below. On the back I included party information (not pictured)


For decorations I put up banners and pom poms from past parties, streamers and balloons. Here’s the entry way table with some flowers, our silver candlesticks (baking soda polish works great, if you’re wondering!)




I made one that said “Royal Banquet Hall” and “Royal Ballroom” and “Welcome to Natalie’s Castle”- then I started thinking of all the other cute signs you’d see in a Fairy Tale Land. I felt like a writer on Shrek, making Lord Farqwa’s perfect kingdom.



Royal Banquet Hall



So as guests arrived we stuck a Tiara on the girls, glittered their hair, and set them off coloring a cardstock castle- you can see them on the tables above. Here’s a png of the cut:

3 d castle

They had heart and star stickers to decorate. This took up about 15 minutes, then I glued the tabs and folded over. Then they look more like this:


I was pretty proud of myself for coming up with this craft. Everything else on the internet for castles involved toilet paper tubes and paint- and I wasn’t about to have everyone paint in their Cinderella dresses. Plus, if it’s going to be made out of paper and trashed in a few days, I don’t want to spend a huge amount of time making it or having them make it. So this worked better. I included 1.5” character cutouts in their goody bags so they could cut and glue more and play with the castle.


Then we played games!!

First up: Walk like a princess and prince- balance a bean bag or book on your head, and try to make it all the way across the floor. Then try to dance with it on your head.


Then everyone followed me doing some ballerina dance steps. I put on the Disney music and had them pair off. There were only two boys, so we found out who the most assertive girls were- Maddie edged her way into dancing. These two’s parents work together, so I have a feeling this will be the first of many awkward dances through the years!


Next up we played: Who Am I? Disney Version. Everyone got a character taped to their back. They were supposed to go around and ask questions to figure out who it was. It worked for some kids. Best suited for over 4 years old. Some of the kids didn’t know the movies or were too shy to ask questions. Maybe for younger kids have the adult have it on their head, and ask the kids questions? I don’t know. We did Disney pictionary at Sophia’s party of this theme, with just me drawing the pictures, I think that worked better than this game. Win some, lose some.


Then we played Sleeping Beauty Musical Pillows. Like Musical chairs, only you lay down when the music stops. Also, we never eliminated pillows, to avoid some kids with tantrum issues (ahem, party girl Natalie).


Speaking of Natalie, she only played two rounds then decided Big Buck Bear needed a Cinderella dress and tiara. And time for tough guy Jonah to hug a pink girly pompom.


Then we were onto the food!


(See the disney megaphone up above? Dollar store, great buy. Kept the kids’ attention when I needed it).

We had some cupcakes- with glass slipper shoes (wedding section from dollar store) and mini castles.


And some other random food- Magic Wand Chocolate covered Pretzels, fancy pink cookies, Snow White Apples and Caramel Dip, Pink Lemonade. Excuse the camera strap Smile.


Natalie turning her cousins into shoes with her magic wand.

For goody bags, everyone took home:

A cd of Disney princess and adventure songs (vellum flower cd envelope, google it!)

Bubbles (wedding section, dollar store)

Disney Pens (Cars for the boys)


Candy Princess Lollipops (Wilton Fairy tale mold)

Tiara for the girls, sword for the boys.


Hooray for Princess Natalie! We’re honored to have her as our girl!


Cristy said...

So cute!! Ashlyn still talks about it. She can be a bit shy - but she observes!!
Thank you!

Carrie said...

so cute, jacki! i bet your girls love having you for a mom! i'm taking notes for when penelope is ready for friend b'day parties.

i wish we still lived close to be able to do our creative dates. those were the best! i miss all four of us sitting in our apartment, making up rhymes and coming up with ideas. it'd be fun to do a big valentine's date with our husbands. : )

Jacki said...

Carrie- That would be so much fun! I still write all my party planning in spiral notebooks, and think of you guys when my kids tell me crazy ideas, along the lines of an elephant coming to their party!

*Becky* said...

you amaze me! I wish I was as crafty as you.

leslie said...

Really like ur lil girl also really like this Disney princess...
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dancilhoney said...

I enjoy having a princess set or two to go with my prince and dragon. Every little Prince needs a princess to save! Great party!! Disney Princess Party Supplies

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