Sunday, March 29, 2009


On our way out to Indiana, we stopped by Africa. Whoops, I mean Cabellas. How we love Cabellas. As many animals as the natural history museum, pop guns, and bathroom tiles with deer tracks. Canoes in every color. Blow up couches and mini chairs for camping. And live fish! Trout have never been more exciting.

After Cabella's we drove to see this little man.

He's such a cutie. I kept thinking while I was there that babies are only babies for such a short time. Another reason why I love digital cameras, a picture for every one of those cute smiles.

Indiana also has the princesses seen here; Natalie and Sophia were in dress up heaven. We are so grateful John's parents and his brother's family could help with our kids, while we trekked around looking at houses.

Hooray for Indiana!
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Jodi said...

So did you find a house?

Jacki said...

We found and bid on a house but we were passed over for a cash offer. Oh well. We'll take another trip in a few months to look again.

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