Sunday, March 29, 2009

Maryland Sights

Tuesday- Smithsonian Natural History Museum

This is from the Butterfly exhibit. Awesome. The girls hated it at first, loved it by the end of our 15 minutes in there. It's free on tuesdays, every other day requires a ticket and a scheduled time.

The rest of the museum. Sophia loved pretending to be scared of the huge shark teeth or the huge whale in the ocean exhibit. Natalie on the other hand, loved to be the lion or the elephant, as seen in the lower right corner. The museum was slightly more fun than the zoo, because you can get so close to the animals. And because Grandma was there to buy you museum store gifts.

On Thursday we went by Cabin John park near my mom's school, and had some fun. But it was cold! But not cold enough to keep us from the park. Don't you just love Sophia's heart sweatshirt. It's my favorite, but she'll only wear it if it's the only thing left clean.

That night I was planning on going to the Temple with John, and meeting him there after his drive back from his business trip. Then, at 2 pm, I couldn't find my wallet. Finding anything in another person's house is hard, but we'd trashed my parents house and everything was everywhere, I felt like one of the 10 virgins who was too distracted to keep track of her oil. I spent 3 hours looking for it, calling everyone in the family, and finally found it 5 minutes before I was supposed to leave. Neddless to say, that trip to the Temple felt especially peaceful, after all the planned and unplanned stress of our trip and losing my wallet.
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