Thursday, March 26, 2009

Vacation Craziness

Maddie and Sophia at Chick Fil A family night

So........ we got back from our trip last Saturday. And what a trip it was!

Our trip included the following adventures-
(that we unfortunately didn't get any pictures of)

2 hours in D.C. traffic and an unguided tour of Georgetown's shops

A gorilla eating his own poop

Shrimp and Carvel Cake for my birthday

The first Ritas custard of the season

In Indiana, Natalie got a double ear infection
We love Walgreens walk in clinics. AMAZING.
Amoxicillin in less than an hour. While on vacation. AMAZING.

We looked at 13 houses in 3 days of looking...

This is the good...the bad in the middle...

And the ugly. Splattered wall paint streaks on purpose, and a mural that could have been done by Bob Ross himself. (You know, the white guy with an afro that paints little happy tress on pbs). We actually are considering that house, mural aside.

One offer made.
And one offer rejected in favor of a cash offer. Dang it.

But we feel it's all for the best, and we're still looking!

While in Indiana we visited the handsome Jonah and the rambunctious Madelyn. Plus their sister Lillian and their parents, who were amazing to let us stay at their house for a week plus.

Grandma and Grandpa Daley took us to pick up Holly at work...and we went to Shapiros. A cafeteria style deli. Mmmm good. Jennifer Aniston ate there once. Or something.

Corned Beef on Rye and Cute Maddie drinking it up.

More pics from our vacation to come, once I pay the ransom to get them back from John's laptop hard drive.

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KaraLynne and Andy said...

You didnt eat the cake and the shrimp together did you? Also I loved the picture of the fireplace one with the hardwoods - get that house.

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