Sunday, March 29, 2009


So we mosied on up to Maryland a few weeks ago. We sacrificed an extra 2 hours of sitting in the car to go to the National Zoo. Because, it's a Saturday, my parents were busy, and it was a beautiful day of beautiful spring weather.

Every other person in D.C. metro area with small children had the same idea. So after a scenic 5 mph tour of the outside of the zoo and parking areas, we parked 3 blocks away outside the zoo and got our zoo on.

Beside the zoo being packed, we had a good time. The kids were excited to see real animals, and we saw some very well- the Lion, the sea otters, the Beavers. And then there was that gorilla.

Look mama, i think the gorilla's pooping.

Oh wait, now he's touching it. Why would he touch it? (I don't know baby...)

Then the guy in front of me, looks at his friend and says "Man, that's just wrong. WRONG."

And a shriek from Sophia, and we were out of there.

My kids loved the statues a bit more than the animals themselves.

On Sunday we went up the Greers. Wohoo! We love the Greers. They've got an old barn, that's a great backdrop for America's Next Top Model pictures, as shown by my sister, who watches that show. And has mastered the looks.

And they've got a little Razr scooter, that propels by scooting your feet back and forth, kind of like the little scooters you sat on in kindergarten. It was fun. My sister loves taking pictures of me as I act stupid. Thanks Carrie. Thanks a lot.

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