Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A Star is Born

Ok so my birthday is tomorrow. Wohoo! I've got nothing planned.Nothing but this:

A Carvel cake. Ice cream and cookie layer frozen awesomeness...What else do you need??? I remember sneaking out to our freezer in the garage after school everyday for a week after birthdays to eat these cakes in little bites. Mmmmm.

Also, my present arrived in the mail two weeks ago. Its a book. I've been incredibly patient. It just sits on my dresser taunting me.

Which brings me to what I want for my birthday. I've been thinking lately about how some people were just born with it, and some people just weren't. And I know we all need to be full of hope and work on ourselves, and blah blah blah, but being born with it would have been easier. (Also, Maybelline can't make everyone pretty, it's just like paint on an old barn door. I'm just saying. )

So with that, here's what I wish I could get for my birthday:

Natural Patience
An eye for Style
A singing voice that doesn't make babies cry
Inability to fall down in public
An allergy to donuts
The ability to sit still
Comfort in silence. I HAVE to be talking if everyone's silent.

Things I am thankful I was born with-
A mind that's always thinking...even if it means I get bored easily
Good looks. Wavy Hair. Relatively clear skin.
Natural energy.
A healthy body.
A loving Mother and a smart Father and a hilarious Brother

Happy Birthday to Me! ...tomorrow


KaraLynne & Andy said...

Ohh yeah! You got the looks. Happy birthday!

Saric said...

Happy Birthday...yesterday! So, did you get anything on your list ;)

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