Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Weekend- Wohoo!

My parents came to visit. Wohoo!
We went on an adventure to Mabry Mill. Wohoo!
(Click for larger view)

We had an Easter egg hunt. And visited a candy factory. Wohoo!

We have way too many sweets in our house. Wohoo!
The middle picture is Natalie with a rabbit on her head, singing Laurie Berkener's "On your head" song.

The girls skirts were under 3 bucks at Target after Christmas clearance. They're sparkly. Wohoo!

The one day a year I can get everyone in a family picture. Sophia wanted to be as tall as me, and Natalie just wanted to lay in the grass and play with her froggy. My Dad got a lot more pictures, I'm hoping his camera didn't take ones as overexposed as this one.

Like my outfit? Got both skirt and shirt at thrift stores this weekend. Top was new from TJ Maxx, but at Goodwill. Weird. But good for me. Wohoo!

Happy Easter!


Carrie said...

that looks like a fun weekend. it's always a good time when the parents come to visit.

good job on the outfit. very cute! i just got a red dress from di that i'm very proud of too. $6. woohoo!

The Brymers said...

Your kids are so cute, like baby gap cute! If you come to visit, you'll have to come shopping with me to help me find all the sweet deals.

Laura Butler said...

I love the family pic! Everyone looks so cute! We can't wait to see you guys this summer! Natalie and Sophia are growing up so fast!

Indiana Haffners said...

Lovin' the WOOHOO! Way to go supermom and hey I'm excited to be that much closer to the Daley party. Hooray for Indiana. :) Woohoo! :)

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