Thursday, April 16, 2009

P 90 X review

So I did it. I finished P90X.

Here's the rundown:

It's hard. It's intense. It involves a lot of pushups, 20 different ways, lots of chinups.
It's 6 days a week. I saw the same moves we did on biggest loser last week (same lunges, same side push ups, some of the same lifting moves). So nothing exclusive, just packed into an hour at a fast pace and organized by muscle groups.

I quit the yoga and did 5 days a week.

I quickly grew stronger in my abs, my legs, my shoulders, my back.

I didn't lose any weight. But I also didn't change my diet, or do all the pushups/chinups (I did resistance bands pulls instead of chinups).

I loved the cardio workouts (Kenpo, which is like Tae Bo, Cardio and Core synergistics). The muscle building ones were good, especially the leg ones. But I only really care about my legs, I wasn't looking and trying for definiton and much change in my upper body. So I didn't push myself as much.

I would recommend it if you:
Want a new routine everyday so you're not bored.
Want to work on your whole body
Have an hour to spend every day
Want to track your progress and improvement in exercises
Want to lose weight- Do the doubles programs that have 2 exercises a day for two of the months
Already have weights or bands or yoga mats and chinup bar. If not, all the equipment can be expensive in addition to the 60 dollar dvd set. (We got ours on Amazon sellers)

As for me, I'm going to rearrange the videos from the program they give, and do it 4 days a week and start running now that it's nice weather.

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