Friday, April 24, 2009


This week has been great.
First, there were the flowers. Blooming all over the place.
I love the way the petals are tossed all around the apple tree, looking like someone just had a wedding in my backyard.
There's such promise in a whole field of dandelions, just waiting for a 4 year old to come and pick, or blow their seeds.
Then this week at Joy School we did things I never do with my kids, like foot and fingerprints, profiles and glitter glue (but not all together). I love it when the Joy School includes activities like that, it makes it worth it. And makes me feel not so lazy. Because sometimes having certain experiences or lessons with your kids is appealing, but not convenient. Hooray for coop preschools!

The girls after their footprint path, soaking their feet in warm water.
Also, I started running again, which I put off for a few weeks, but it's been really energizing to get up at 6:30 am and be wide awake before my kids. There's something so empowering about knowing you can run 3 miles to get medicine for your kids if your car broke down. But not more than 3 miles, then I'm exhausted and we'd need a relay of some kind.

Natalie's been super tricky lately, and after being told that meow blankie couldn't go outside because it would get too muddy, she found a way around. That I never would have thought about. (That's a plastic mega blocks bag big enough for her blanket). Lesson for me- always tell your kids WHY they can't do what they want. They either will agree with you, or find a way to please you and still get their way.
One dark cloud over our week has been getting the kids to bed before 10. Some nights they did, some nights they played until then. We've figured out if they fall asleep in their beds without us in the room, they sleep all night long. So that's what we're working towards.
This weekend we've got nothing spectacular planned except buying yeast at a local health food store and a girl's night out. I think I'm going to bust out the Nacho Libre this weekend, I've been missing Ignacio.
What was so great about your week?

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Tara said...

"...having certain experiences with your kids is appealing but not convenient." So true. That's why I love doing preschool, too. Scheduled be-a-good-mommy time :)

Also, LOVE Natalie's blankie-in-a-bag. Sounds like something Jacob would do.

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