Friday, April 24, 2009

This week in crafts...

First, some of my new favorite websites.

Digifree: A computer generate list of free digital scrapbooking pages, elements or Kits. Click on the image you like, it will take you to the blogger's page. Usually you download via, a file sharing website. It's great, whenever I'm about to digitally scrapbook I check it. Just watch out! Your hard drive can fill up fast.

Crafty Crow: This craft blog is dedicated to kids crafts and she's been featuring posts of craft tutorials based on one theme- like what to do with cardboard tubes, etc. Love it. Love it. Love it.

Ok on to what I've been up to. Vintage Cereal Magnets! I found a bunch of clipart on the internet, made it little, printed it out, pasted it on some cardboard, and contact papered/packing taped it. I got a little out of hand and made...over 40.

A fuzzy picture of last week's project. I made this skirt 3 sizes too big, but only realized when I was about to hem it. Whoops. So I folded the waistband in, basted it with long stiches. Someday if I ever get pregger it'll be both maternity and not.

And last but not least, a Martha Craft, found here.

I used an 11 by 14 frame, 69 cents at goodwill, then spray painted it, and staple gunned the ribbon. Which isn't as tight as it could be. Bummer. And I haven't added mini dowel rods for the ponytail holders(martha uses wooden spools). That requires power equipment, so we'll see when that happens. In the mean time, the clippies are hanging out in style.

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Laura Butler said...

Wow! Look at you being all crafty! I love the skirt you made! We're so excited to see you guys. I wish August would come sooner! We miss you! P.S., I love your blog!

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