Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Spring is coming, how do I know...

Little Snowflakes told me so.

No joke, it snowed on Tuesday the same day as our "Spring Party."

Oh well, we persevered. Or something.

First there were bunny baskets. The ones I found online look like this.

I did a really simplistic version, just having the kids color the ears/face instead of adding all the pom poms and pipe cleaner whiskers. And I didn't add a milk jug insert, like instructed here at Meridian Magazine.

Then there were the games:
Duck Duck Goose (Which is the ultimate party game)
Bunny Hop over sticks placed in a row down the room

And there were some crafts:

Foil covered eggs and butterflies, idea from Kids Craft Weekly

And some chick magnets, adapted from Cinderella's Tapletop Chicks

Here's the back.

And last but not least, Sugar Cookies!

Happy Spring!

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