Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Turn it on!

When I was 8, my parents got their first computer. I spent hours looking at the different programs and figuring out how it worked. And how to change the settings and drive my father to new levels of stress. In 7th grade, I figured out that the Oregon Trail game just takes the name you put in for siblings and puts them on the graves when your siblings die or do something. So my friend and I used obscene words. And we served detention for it.

In my daughter's life, computers are the most normal thing ever. As well as computer chips. Some things heard recently:

In target, looking at a toy "Mommy, turn it on!" "It doesn't turn on Natalie." Turning over toy and looking at every surface "Where's the button? Turn it on!"

At the doctor's office "Mommy, why's that phone on the wall? That's so silly!" -Sophia

My kids have also figured out what really matters while I'm on the computer. They touch my wrist as I'm using the mouse to stop it. Gets my attention every time. But it is uber annoying.

And then there was the old keyboard they carry around and pretend to "check my email" on her computer screen- a sesame street baby toy. Either she thinks everything I do on the computer is monkey work, or she associates computers with songs and games.

The real question is, when my children are grown and microchips in your brain is normal, what will their kids say-

Mom, look at that phone, it's as big as your thumb.

Dad why doesn't your computer read your thoughts? You had to type it all in? How slow!
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KaraLynne & Andy said...

Totally! I hope I can figure out the technology of brain chips by the time I get one implanted so the government can track me. Hey check on my blog because I tagged you. :)

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