Thursday, February 26, 2009

How are you feeling?

Today at Joy school the theme was all about honesty and feelings. I came up with the following activities to supplement all the stories the curriculum provided. I think they'd be fun for Family Home Evening or just for fun.

First, I took pictures of the girls making different emotions. Then, I loaded them onto Picasa, the free google photo software, made a collage, and typed in the emotions with the "add text" tool. Took me 3 minutes to take pictures and maybe 5 to make the collage.

We also traced a cup to make perfect circles all across our paper. Then drew different faces to make different emotions. The kids had fun drawing different hairstyles and features- rosy cheeks, big lips, little ears, etc.

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KaraLynne & Andy said...

Totally cute - Great idea. I might have to copy this.

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