Friday, February 6, 2009

Feast upon the scriptures

So next week there's a Primary Activity, and at the end of a scripture treasure hunt, the kids will find two scripture boxes with cookies inside. The idea is that they will be inspired to "feast" upon the words of Christ- so the cookies will be inside the scriptures. Get it?

Here's how I made our scripture boxes.

1. I took two boxes, taped all the sides secure, then cut three sides of the top, to make it open like a book. Then I added a tab closure as in picture number one, so when the box was closed it would stay shut.

2. Then we crinkled some brown paper (mine was from an online package we received earlier this month) and paper mache'd it on so it looked like leather.

3. I glued white paper on the sides- where the pages would be.

4. I added gold glitter glue, and combed it so it would look like the gold pages from new scriptures. If I did this over again, I'd do the combing in black first, it would have stood out more and looked more like pages.

5. I glitter glued the names of the scriptures on the front.

I think it came out ok, but they look an awful lot like a 5th grade art project. If I had thought ahead more, and had asked for money from our budget, I would have bought some faux leather paper to glue on the box, and used gold vinyl lettering for the title. That would look way more professional, a lot easier and look more like huge scriptures, rather than a box painted to look like the scriptures. But as a last minute idea that serves one purpose, (to hold cookies) it looks alright in my opinion.

Another idea would be to take minature boxes and tape black paper on the outside, with scripture titles, then fill with cookies or treats. Everything's better in miniature!
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Something Marvellous said...

I love this idea! I found your blog through Sugardoodle - what a fun blog you have!

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