Wednesday, February 18, 2009

House Tag

I've been thinking about playrooms.
Mine is awesome.
Let me refresh your memory:

This is the side with all the toys. The other half is dancing space and a love sack chair.

It's 4 steps down from the kitchen, pretty big room. I love the big windows and the location in the house (NOT the living room, you can't see the mess from the front door, but you can see the kids from the kitchen). I love that my kids have to drag toys upstairs to get them out of the playroom. It slows down the process.

All the houses we've looked at, none of them have a playroom right off the kitchen, unless we plan on making the "Family room" into the playroom.

So we're left with basements, a bedroom as a playroom, or a "Loft" on the second floor.

My question to you is- Where's your playroom? If you don't have one, where do you keep all the toys?

And Karalynne tagged me. Here are a few of the things I love about my house, the ones I will miss when we move.

Our big backyard, the flowers all around in spring, the big tree, and the duck pond so close.

The built in book shelves and fireplace. There's room for all our grown up books and magazines, plus hidden areas for all kinds of junk, like games, scrap paper, saxaphone, exercise videos, and all of John's old graduate school notebooks.

The built in desks in Sophia's room. All my craft/sewing stuff in one place. I have a drawer for projects I've never finished. And one for scrap fabric. Plus room for Sophia's clothes, and I even have a birthday party closet. Spoiled, I know.

I love how our driveway has parking lines. Great for when we throw keggers and invite more than 2 cars.

Our bathroom mirrors. I love how the flourescent lights buzz when they're on, how everythings plated in metal, and how they look like rocket ships. Plus pink tile. I always feel like I'm in the Truman Show whenever I turn on the lights and examine my humungous pores.

My two tvs. Set up for simultaneous tv watching and p90x exercising.

I just love our freezer. Our teeny tiny freezer. It's a bit overloaded. So to keep it shut, we're ghetto bungee cord fabulous.

And my kitchen floor. I will miss it. I mean, it is so ugly, the last time I mopped was November? December? Not sure. But pretty sure you can't tell the difference.

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Carrie said...

i love all of the storage you have. we don't have much and it makes it hard because i hate clutter.

oh! and that bathroom! jealous!! : )

KaraLynne & Andy said...

You might have to snip off a bit of that kitchen floor - maybe under the refrig. to take with you as a momento. And those built ins are totally fabulous

Erin said...

Oh, how many kitchen floors have I had like that one?? Can't count. I hope the next place we have has some built-ins. Good luck with your move. How is p90x working for you? I'm thinking about trying it.

Tara said...

Our playroom is a loft up a flight of stairs right off the kitchen. I like it now, but it took a solid month of time-outs before my kids stopped throwing every toy they own down the stairs.

Love the bungee cord.

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