Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Spiritually Gifted

My family is really spiritual. This is Sophia at 8 months caught while trying to read the scriptures.

For example, my family home evenings are awesome. Last night John made this boat, and I filledit with chocolate cut out cookies named Nephi, Lehi, Laman and Lemuel. My kids were attentive for like the whole time cookies were 5 inches from their face. I even sense increased spirituality as they ate the cookie versions of these ancient prophets. So delicious. And spiritual.

And our prayers have been really moving lately.

Natalie's newest habit is saying prayer, and "needing help." Natalie thinks John needs help, so she waits for him to repeat after her.

This is how it usually goes:

Natalie: Heavenly Father, thank thee for our blessings.
And Jamie (my parent's dog). And the cats.

Long pause

John: And bless us to be nice
N: And the cats
John- And the cats

And thank thee for our blankets
pause until John repeats

And our plates
pause until John repeats

And food
pause until John repeats

And the ground
And my toys
And my pretty clothes
And my bib
And books
(gains momentum until unintelligible)
name of dedus dist Amen.

Like I said, soooo spiritual.

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