Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Crazy kiddos

Who's the Boss?
This is the universal Sophia signal for percieved injustice.
Stops me dead in my tracks.

The other day the kiddos were playing under a sheet and ended up with some Idaho/Utah Hair.
Which was good, I was missing mile high frizz.

Last but not least, we had some "going to my meeting" dressup time last week. Turns out more IS more. Can you spot all 10 dressup items on the girls?
1. Sandal
2. Slipper
3. Skirt
4. Cape
5. Hat
6. Bag
7. Wand
8. Tiara
9. Belt
10. Bucket.
I've been slacking, I only bring my scarf and notebook to meetings. Geez.
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